An exciting workshop focusing on 4 key musical figures in the history of 20th Century music and their influence on culture, politics and civil rights


Arts and Soul Education is a team of successful music and drama specialists dedicated to empowering children's creativity, enhancing their overall education experience and raising achievement.

Arts and Soul Education is unique in providing highly skilled and creative practitioners, including renowned teachers and celebrated artists, who have a wealth of experience working with young people. This is the foundation for the Arts and Soul approach: bringing creative people with teaching experience to schools and education services.

Arts and Soul provides:

  • professional, creative and inspiring practitioners 

  • a core team with proven experience in schools and other education institutions

  • planning of all our activities and programmes in line with the National Curriculum

  • excellent communication and behaviour management skills

  • full DBS of all our team members

Arts and Soul Education sets the highest standards and learning expectations, helping children and young people to improve their self esteem through the development of their artistic ability. This in turn helps to raise their achievements in the broader curriculum as well as contributing to their spiritual and emotional growth.
To help children express their innate creative abilities through music and drama by providing them with the skills and knowledge of these art forms.
  • a variety of drama and music-based services which enhance the objectives of the curriculum
  • high standards of teaching and planning practice
  • full inclusion of all participating pupils
  • focus on pupils' learning, safety and well being
  • excellent value for money services and programmes
  • accountability and transparency
  • integration of activities with other areas of the curriculum wherever possible