Arts and Soul workshops are fun and interactive sessions which develop a variety of musical and non-musical skills such as vocal and instrumental improvisation, composition, performance, team work, and confidence-building. Combining elements of African, Folk, Jazz, Blues and Popular music, the workshops are based on vocal, rhythmic and instrumental improvisation. The sessions are pupil led and focus on creative music making. All workshops are adapted to the needs and abilities of the participants as well as to the resources available in the school.

​All of our programmes are based on practical music making. Pupils are inspired to express themselves with confidence and to view improvisation, composition and performance as natural human endeavours. Play & performance-based activities help pupils gain a sense of achievement whilst acquiring key skills and knowledge. At every stage Arts and Soul are expert in planning lessons and activities using the National Curriculum as a foundation for raising standards of singing, instrumental learning, improvisation and composition.

By the end of the workshop the pupils will have composed and performed a piece of music developed from their improvisation skills which can be recorded live and made available via download. 


All these workshops are run as half-day sessions and cost £200 or £300 for 2 workshops on the same day.

Jam Session (vocal)  Improvisation using only voices

Pupils learn to use their voices to improvise and compose music on their own and in a group. They will use their voices expressively and creatively to explore the dimensions of pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre and texture.

Jam Session (instrumental)  Improvisation using body percussion, school instruments and resources

Pupils learn to use a range of instruments (including school resources and body percussion) to improvise and compose music on their own and in a group. They will use their instruments to explore the dimensions of pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre and texture.

Budding Songwriters  Learning how to write songs, song form & structure, lyric writing and accompaniment

Learning how to structure song writing using verses and choruses. Working in groups, pupils write song lyrics of their own then practise and perform their song to the class.

Budding Composers   Learning how to compose instrumental music

Work in groups using different school instruments to create and compose music. Pupils explore which instruments work best as leads, percussion and accompaniments and will practise and perform their song to the class.  Simple musical notation will be introduced and used.


Rapper's Delight  Learning how to rap including rhyming lyrics and rhythmic delivery

Learning how to rap and exploring how our voices can create expression using different dynamics, tempo, timbre and texture.  Participants work in groups to compose and perform a rap to the class.

Bangers & Mash  Drumming workshops using body percussion, junk percussion

Participants explore how body percussion and simple everyday objects (junk percussion) can be used to create a rhythmic effect and will experiment with, create, select and combine percussive sounds.

iMusic  Learning how to compose using apps

Using iPad technology and apps such as Garageband to compose music by combining a variety of musical patterns using rhythmic and melodic motifs. This is then extended to more complex music forms and structures.